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Welcome to my my website. If you are looking for unique wildlife art,  fibre art and/or craft workshops, you have come to the right place.

If you can't find what you are looking for please message me using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

About Me

I am a self taught artist with a love of animals and wildlife. I don't limit myself to any particular medium and I'm always experimenting with different ways to create art. However fibre art/needle felting has become my main focus.

I work from my home studio in the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands.

You can find me and my creations/artwork at Leek Totally Local Artisan Market, which is held on the first Sunday of the month 

I  facilitate regular needle felting and beginners watercolour workshops in Staffordshire and it's surrounding counties.

News / Updates

April 13th Bunny - 10 - 4.30 at Cabbage Rose, Leek -  £65 - places available


April 20th Mole - 10 – 4.30 at Quirky Bird Workshops, Woodseaves - £75 FULL

May 11th Runner Duck - 10 - 4.30 at Cabbage Rose, Leek -  £65​  FULL

May 18th Runner Duck  10 – 4.30 at Quirky Bird Workshops, Woodseaves - £75 FULL

June 5th Felted Landscapes 6 - 8.30pm at Cabbage Rose, Leek - £40 places available

June 15th  Mole - 10 - 4.30 at Cabbage Rose, Leek -  £65 FULL

June 22nd Fox  10 – 4.30 at Quirky Bird Workshops, Woodseaves - £75

June 26th Owl Baubles 6 - 9pm at Cabbage Rose, Leek - £40 places available

July 20th Dormouse 10 - 4.30 at Cabbage Rose, Leek -  £65 FULL

Sept 7th Barn Owl - book via Haddon Hall

Prices include all materials and refreshments. 

Lunch is provided on Quirky Bird workshops – but not at Cabbage Rose 


Visit my website shop to book a place at Leek

Text or ring:  07790 356678 to book on a workshop with Quirky Bird Workshops 

needle felted bears - jo gardiner art
Needle felted Bichon Friche
needle felted badger picture - Jo Gardiner Art
Jo Gardiner felted KC spaniel -

Workshop dates 2024

Needle Felted Birds - Jo Gardiner
Needle Felted Pomeranian - Jo Gardiner
Needle Felted Geese - Jo Gardiner
Needle Felted Hare -Jo Gardiner
realistic felted fox - Jo Gardiner

Needle Felting Kits

I  have Needle Felting kits available to buy - they start at  £21 plus p&p.  

Choose 'Shop' in the menu to purchase them or the PDF instructions.

Robin kit - Jo Gardiner
Sloth Kit - Jo Gardiner
Felted Badger Kit - Jo Gardiner
Felted Fox Kit - Jo Gardiner
Felted Donkey kit - Jo Gardiner
Felted Hare Kit - Jo Gardiner Art
Felted Bunnies - Jo Gardiner
Eastern Blue Bird
Realistic Felted Hare - Jo Gardiner Art
Felted Barn Owl - Jo Gardiner Art
needle felted HARE- Jo Gardiner ArtDSC01300.jpg

Please use the form below to send me messages, questions or feedback

Thanks for submitting!

Needle Felted animals - Jo Gardiner
Needle Felted Polar Bear - Jo Gardiner
Needle Felted Bear - Jo Gardiner
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