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Needle Felted Goose on a Vintage Cotton Reel


A unique, hand made gift for any one who loves Geese and quirky hand made items.  


Hand made by myself in my studio in Staffordshire (UK). The Goose is made of a blend of white wools which have been sculpted over a wire frame using felting needles. It has delicate feather details around its wings and tail feathers.

Its feet and beak are also felted using a blend of yellow and orange wools and finished with felting wax.  

It has black glass eyes and is about 15 cm tall - including the reel (the Goose is about 12cm).  


The cotton on the reel is a very pale and subtle pink shade.


Needle felting is a skilled craft, which takes many hours and involves stabbing wool with special barbed needles to create 3D sculptures.


Needle felted sculptures are collectibles - not toys. They are delicate and need to be handled with care, therefore it would not be wise to purchase them for children. 

The sculpture has been sprayed with Fabric Shield, however it is advisable to refrain from over handling the sculpture to avoid any damage.  


Shipped to the UK using Royal Mail Special Delivery and International tracked to other destinations.

Buyers are responsible for any customs/import taxes, which may be incurred.


If you have any questions, do get in touch.

Needle Felted Goose on a Vintage Cotton Reel